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STARR Project


The STARR program: a system of supported decision making and self-management for the prevention of recurrent stroke
April 18th 2016

Stroke is the second biggest killer in the world and the number one cause of severe long-term disability. With a growing and aging population, and improvements in acute care in recent years, the number of people at risk of a further, recurrent stroke has increased. This burden has come with an associated rise in healthcare costs.

A major collaborative research program has now launched to develop new ways to support self-management by stroke survivors in their homes.  Called STARR, (decision support and self-management system for stroke survivors) the new program will target the known risk factors for recurrent stroke, as it is estimated that 90% of recurrent strokes are preventable if the risk factors are managed appropriately.

STARR will develop a modular, affordable, and easy-to-use system, which will inform stroke survivors of the relationship between their daily activities (for example, their medication intake, physical and cognitive exercises, diet, and social contacts) and their risk of having a recurrent stroke.

STARR is run in partnership by a European consortium of researchers and will receive 4.5 million euros from the EU Horizon 2020 research program. The consortium includes stroke survivors and their representatives, commercial healthcare companies, hospitals, as well as sensing technology, privacy and human-machine interaction research groups from seven countries

Dr. Dale Webb, Director of Research & Information at the Stroke Association in the UK, commented, “The numbers of people who survive a first stroke are increasing and more help is needed in the chronic phase of stroke to reduce the chance of a second stroke from happening. Monitoring a stroke survivor, their environment, their activities and giving them feedback about their lifestyle will help improve their decision making and should lead to better health outcomes overall”.

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