Neurological Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation facilities provide thorough, interdisciplinary treatment for neurological disorders and related issues. Every rehabilitation programme is tailored to cater to the individual's needs, desires, and life objectives.

Neurological rehabilitation encompasses an extensive array of expert programs with a vast scope of coverage.

conditions treated

 The effects of stroke

 Spinal cord injuries: paraplegia, quadriplegia

 Peripheral nerve damage: Guillain barré - Polyradiculoneuritis, etc...

 Post-COVID neurological disorders

 Head injuries

● Progressive diseases: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, etc.

 Brain tumours


Depending on your pathology and the establishment in which you will be treated, you may be offered a number of treatments tailored and personalised to your needs.

Your neurological rehabilitation programme is designed to meet your individual needs, depending on your problem or pathology. The aim is to help you regain the highest possible level of independence, while improving your overall quality of life (physical, psychological and social).

To help achieve these goals, neurological rehabilitation programmes may include :

Occupational therapy
Cognitive functions
Related disorders
Orthotics and braces

our medical team

Dr. Hassan CHATTI

Neurology: MS, spasticity, BUD

Dr. Nathalie CHEVALIER

Neurology, spasticiyé


Neurology: cerebral palsy, TC, Stroke, Awakening

Dr. Charline DUCHOSSOY

Neurology: cranial injuries, cerebral palsy


Dr. François KOPCIUCH

Neurology: MS, urodynamic assessment, neurological evaluation


Neurology: head injuries, stroke, positioning, etc.

Dr. Hervé NOURY

Neurology: cranial injuries, cerebral palsy

Dr. Jean-Gabriel PREVINAIRE

Neurology: spinal cord injuries


Dr. Pascal RIGAUX

Neurology: stroke, Parkinson's, general neurology, EMG, Covid Long

Dr. Nelly SENAL

Neurology: stroke, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, Covid Long

Dr. Sandrine SIMOLIEN

Neurology: MS

Dr. Anne-Sophie THULLIER

Neurology: Parkinson's, MS, Polyvalent Neurology

Dr. Khaldoun YOUSSEF

Neurology, spasticity

the facilities covering this speciality

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