Athletes Rehabilitation

Our professionals offer you comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care, from post-surgical treatment to the main rehabilitative treatment and reathletisation, with you at the heart of the care protocol.

Each rehabilitation program is tailored to your needs, your expectations and the sport you practice.

Your rehabilitation programme

Your rehabilitation programme will include exercise retraining to help you recover your muscular and respiratory capacities as quickly as possible. Depending on where you are hospitalised, you will have access to a wide range of equipment and training facilities.

Alter G (zero gravity)
Weight training area




An orthotic and fitting design service is available at  Jacques Calvé centre in Berck-sur-Mer. The department designs orthotics and orthopaedic devices for rehabilitation, resumption or continuation of sporting activities, including arm orthotics, adapted footwear and carbon fiber protective masks.


Depending on the condition being treated, a reathletisation programme may be carried out immediately or several weeks after the rehabilitation phase. This 3-week course is designed to validate, secure and optimise your return to competition (only at the Jacques Calvé centre).



Movement Laboratory
Beach run

our medical team

Dr. Hélène MOUCHON

General orthopaedics, sports, spine, breast cancer

Dr. Vincent KOUADIO

General orthopaedics, sports, spine

the facility covering this speciality

Hopale in videos

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