Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation centers offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care, placing you at the heart of the treatment protocol. Each rehabilitation program is tailored to your needs, expectations and life plan. 

The excellence of the Fondation Hopale is based first and foremost on the skills and multidisciplinary expertise of its teams. Drawing on their long-standing expertise, our healthcare professionals are inspired by "best practices" and offer patients a specialized, expert approach to their pathology.

conditions treated



● Shoulder prosthesis

● Shoulder stiffness

Rotator cuff


lower LIMBS


● Cruciate ligament rupture

● Knee prosthesis

● Ruptured patellar tendon

Foot and ankle

● Achilles tendon rupture

a multidisciplinary approach

Adapted physical activities
Occupational therapy
Orthoses and technical aids

our medical team

Dr. Hélène MOUCHON

General orthopaedics, sports, spine, breast cancer

Dr. Vincent KOUADIO

General orthopaedics, sports, spine

the facilities covering this speciality

Hopale in videos

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