Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery is a highly recognised speciality of the Fondation Hopale.

From simple orthopaedic problems to complex surgery, our professionals combine expertise, innovative protocols and state-of-the-art equipment to provide optimum care. This surgery is carried out at two of our facilities, the Institut Calot in Berck-sur-Mer and the Clinique des Acacias in Cucq.

Following the surgery, orthopaedic rehabilitation protocols are organised by our specialized rehabilitation centers (see orthopaedic rehabilitation).

why choose us ?

Cutting-edge Surgery

The expertise and success of the Institut Calot are based on comprehensive care from the initial consultation right through to the patient's return home.

To ensure its development, the Institut Calot's mission is to optimise its medical and surgical programmes by placing them within an integrated approach, all while ensuring that :

▷ We provide high-quality, safe care that is deliberately above the industry standard.
▷ We offer fast accessibility.
▷ We develop innovative practices focused on clinical outcomes.



Innovative protocols 

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery


Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Minimally invasive surgery is a surgical technique that is less traumatic for the patient.

The incisions are smaller, the operation takes less time and the post-operative period is more pleasant: less pain, faster recovery, more aesthetic scars.

Our state-of-the-art equipment

In addition to the great expertise of its staff, the Institut Calot is constantly seeking to equip itself with the latest solutions and technological platforms available on the market (MAKO assistance robot, O-ARM intra-operative imaging, JOIMAX endoscopy, etc.).

Thanks to its industrial partnerships and the use of the latest technologies, the institute is able to offer patients the best possible clinical results.

 conditions treated



Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder osteoarthritis

Shoulder prothesis

Rotator cuff

Elbows and hands

● Carpal tunnel

● Dupuytren or superficial palmar aponeurosis

● Osteoarthritis of the elbow

Lower limbs


Arthroscopy of the knee

Change of knee prosthesis

Knee osteoarthritis

Knee replacement

Meniscus injury

Rupture of the cruciate ligaments

Rupture of the patellar tendon

Patellar instability

Foot and ankle

● Achilles tendon rupture

● Ankle osteoarthritis



● Arthroscopy of the hip

● Change of hip prothesis

● Hip osteoarthritis

● Hip replacement

our Medical team

Dr. Didier BAERT

Lower limbs

Dr. Christophe DELECOURT

Orthopaedics and spine (Adults, children)

Dr. Simon LEBOSS

Upper and lower limbs, sports surgery

Dr. Christophe OBRY

Upper limbs



Shoulder surgery

Dr. Stéphane SION

Lower limbs

Dr. Alexandre STOVEN

Upper limbs (Hand spécialisation)

Dr. Jérôme TAVIAUX

Lower limbs


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