About Us

For over 100 years, the Fondation Hopale has been a major player in orthopaedic medicine and surgery in France.

Based in Northern France, we are a non-profit healthcare group committed to providing high-quality care for all.


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The Fondation Hopale offers integrated, multi-disciplinary care pathways, enabling a global approach to each pathology.



To meet today's healthcare needs and tomorrow's challenges.

To develop expertise, innovate and put our human and technical skills at the service of all patients and users.



Respect, Quality, Humanity, Accessibility, Innovation, Commitment, Clinical Excellence, Professionnalism.



To place each individual's needs and their life plan at the heart of a comprehensive approach to care.

To take up the daily challenge of finding solutions to care and socio-psychological needs, as well as adapting housing, transport and leisure facilities.

Our expertise

Medicine and Surgery

The medicine and surgery department covers short hospital stays. These services can be offered as inpatient hospitalisation (overnight stay in hospital) or as outpatient care (admission in the morning, discharge in the evening).

This type of facility provides treatment for so-called acute pathologies with the intention of returning home or being cared for in a post-acute care facility (rehabilitation and readaptation centre, convalescent home).


Rehabilitation and Readaptation

The purpose of readaptation and rehabilitation is to prevent or reduce the functional, physical, cognitive, psychological or social effects of patients' deficiencies and capacity limitations.

This type of facility provides medical, curative and palliative care, readaptation and rehabilitation, prevention and therapeutic education, and family, social, educational or professional integration or reintegration.



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